Offering on-demand guests services before and during the stay


Hotels are increasingly becoming a service hub (F&B, wellness, housekeeping, leisure…) and are closely connected to their local area. They all need a platform to smartly gather their entire service offering, both internal and external. 
Hotels also have strong operational specificities (multiple departments) and the question of guest loyalty is key.

Blackbell can help hotels upsell their guests, with better customer communication through live chats as well as the establishment of a vibrant local community for their hotel.

More than 200 hotels and rental businesses trust Blackbell to engage with their guests: 

In-House Solutions

Connect your building

Blackbell can help you implement in-house projects
✓ Tablets / Smartphones in-room 
✓ Multimedia-related projects : IPTV, Chromecast
✓ Room Controls : Light, temperature, stores

Deploying devices - tablets or smartphones - in rooms in hotels / apartments has been trending over the past few years. Among the main objectives for establishments :
  • Replacing the traditional room directory ie. no more papers in room
  • Enabling room controls such as TV control, lighting control, temperature control...
  • Adding a luxury touch

Case study

Villa La Coste

The Villa La Coste project is a great case study. 

Well hidden from exposure, this world of its own had at heart to offer a unique experience to their guests during their stay. Design and technology had to be mixed, strings had to be pulled to match the challenging idea of setting up a 360° connected room in the middle of nowhere. 

The core element of the digital experience (the first of its kind) was to equip each room with an iPhone 6 plus that would act as a digital hub for guests in room. 

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