Claire Bertin

Creative and Content Manager
I'll be please to help you better understand the design and writing of content. I accompany you on your different projects and the resulting editorial strategies. My style is fluid and adapts easily to your editorial line.

About Claire

Having worked for Blackbell as a content manager, I had to fully manage ambitious editorial projects and I am familiar with the process of development, design and monitoring. My main missions were:
Creation of E-concierge apps
Creation of content & city blogs for the applications of over +100 hotels and apartment rentals groups, spread in 60 countries
Use Blackbell CMS and other internal tools to create & update content
Work on translation (English and French)

Listening to my clients, the quality of my work and the pleasure I feel to perform it ensures a rewarding and satisfying collaboration.
Feel free to contact me for us to discuss about your project.

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