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Millions of users around the world trust Blackbell to buy and sell services online.

Gain the freedom to create, launch and grow your business with Blackbell’s intuitive website builder from your laptop, smartphone or tablet - whenever, wherever. It’s the easiest and cheapest solution for service providers to create a stunning mobile-optimized website and online store.

With the Blackbell app, you can run your entire business in one place. Manage your content, services, orders, and payments and chat with your customers on-the-go. Promote your business with coupons, email campaigns, influencer marketing campaigns and Blackbell Marketplaces.

All of this, for just $4 a month.

Create your website

Even if you are a tech newbie, we assure you will be able to create a stunning website with Blackbell. Our content management system has been carefully created so that it is easy to use for just about anyone.

  • Build your own website with a branded URL
  • Buy your domain name directly on Blackbell or connect to an existing one
  • Create your pages or use our templates for guidance
  • Upload your logo, customize your look and feel and colour palette
  • Add text, images, maps, videos, calendars and pdfs.
  • Enable a multilingual website - Translate your content yourself or by using the integrated translating service.
  • Make your website into a mobile app - Blackbell allows you to make your website into an app that can be found on the Apple App Store or on Google play. Your customers can also access your app by downloading the Blackbell native app.

Sell your services

Get a unique level of sophistication and efficiency for your service buidling. We have plenty of intuitive tools for you to create the perfect booking flow for your service. 

Add booking steps when creating a service:
  • Demand information from your clients with checkboxes, quantity pickers and text boxes, make these fields mandatory or not. 
  • You can add a location module where the customer can enter an address and a scheduling module where the customer can pick amongst pre-defined availabilities. 
  • If you need your client to communicate pictures with you, they can also upload images as part of the booking flow. 
  • And once the booking is done, you can capture your client’s signature.

Edit your requirements in a couple of clicks from any device at any time - no need to be a coding genius.

Be there for your customer like never before

Blackbell will get you to a whole new level of brilliance in customer service

Chat with your customer in real-time on the web or on your smartphone with our chat feature. Use saved responses to reply to frequently asked questions.

Look at your customer profiles to know exactly who you are dealing with and how to best serve them. Every time a customer uses your Blackbell platform, his actions (visits, chats and orders) are automatically compiled onto his customer profile.

Customers will receive notifications over email or push as per their settings about the status of orders, subscriptions, refunds, messages and quotes. We'll send the confirmation emails for you and save your valuable time.  

Know your customer, tailor your service, give him efficiency and transparency.

Promote your business

Blackbell will help you promote your services. Engage previous and future customers, create marketing campaigns and sell via marketplaces.
Coupons - Create discount codes for your customers with plenty of options to choose from on their type, amount, and the targeted services and customers. Share these coupons to the audience of your choice via different tools (we recommend our email campaigns). On your interface, see your active and expired coupons as well as the customers who have redeemed the coupon. 

Email Campaigns - Select previous customers and send them marketing emails by the bunch.

Influencer Campaign - Create and launch a social media affiliate campaign.

Join one of the Marketplaces built on Blackbell - Increase your market reach by selling your products via nearby Blackbell Marketplaces. Select the page you would like to submit to that marketplace, and once your application is validated, you will start receiving orders through that Marketplace into your inbox.

Get a little something back when you tell your friends about us

For every new paying customer that you refer, you will earn 20% of their Blackbell subscription and the business using your coupon code will get 25% off their monthly subscription for 4 months.
You’ll get paid instantly via your Blackbell app every time a business you referred is charged for their monthly or yearly subscription.
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