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Blackbell provides a comprehensive set of tools that can help you manage your clients' growth and scale your agency's portfolio. Our platform is the ideal solution for SMBs selling services, enabling you to create websites and other digital solutions that meet their needs. 
The core of your business
Design and Customization
Blackbell enables you to quickly set up the full business logic for clients, including booking forms options, calendar settings, notifications, and more. The task management tool inside Blackbell allows for seamless collaboration with clients on tasks and to-dos.

You can also duplicate pages and forms from any other client in one click, using our efficiency-boosting tools. 

Blackbell makes it easy to migrate your existing websites or create new ones using our code editor. Just import your HTML & CSS.
Once your website is on our platform, you can easily make any part of it visually editable with just one click, whether it's text, images, or links. 


Customize and enhance

Blackbell's custom branding feature allows you to create a personalized look and feel for your clients, enhancing their experience with your business. You can choose custom colors, upload your own fonts or use Google fonts to match your clients' brand identity. With the ability to add custom CSS and JS, you can create unique design elements and add advanced functionality to their website. Additionally, you can set the client URL to a custom domain name, ensuring a seamless and consistent brand experience for your clients.

  • Custom branding options
  • Custom CSS and JS
  • Custom domain name
Efficiency-boosting tools
Blackbell offers a time-saving solution for duplicating any page or booking form. With just a few clicks, you can duplicate an existing template or client platform and create a new one quickly and easily, using the same design and layout. You can also take advantage of our ChatGPT tool to rapidly fill in any custom text for your clients, streamlining the process even further. Additionally, our platform automatically adds images, pages, and form templates to clients' accounts based on their specific custom plans, saving you even more time and effort.
  • Quickly duplicate any page or booking form
  • Streamline creating new client platforms
  • Take advantage of ChatGPT 
Import your HTML & CSS
Add power-class to convert code to Blackbell visual editor. 
Hybrid code and visual editor
Any custom HTML element, whether it's text, images, or links can be transformed into an editable format with one click, making it easy to speed up edits and allow clients to work independently without the need to frequently ask you for minor changes.
Our platform supports Tailwind CSS by default, and you can also add your own custom CSS and JS to achieve a unique look and feel. Plus, we take care of all the hosting, storage, CDN, and SSL, so you can focus on building the best websites for your clients. 
The website you see ( was made that way. 
  • Seamless website migration
  • Visual editing with just one click
  • Support for Tailwind CSS and custom CSS/JS
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Custom Subscription Plans
Blackbell allows you to bundle our plans with your premium services to create a customized subscription plan that includes our powerful features. This enables you to offer your clients a personalized subscription package that fits their needs while taking advantage of Blackbell's comprehensive set of tools and functionalities.

You have the flexibility to name the plan, set the price, and describe it in a way that matches your business needs. For each plan, you can choose whether your clients pay online or offline for their recurring subscription. You can set up automated renewals and notifications for online payments or manage offline payments manually. If you choose offline payment, we provide a central UI for you to track invoices that are yet to be paid and mark them as paid when necessary. 

You can easily view and manage clients' subscriptions in one table with Blackbell. You can organize and filter the subscriptions by status, payment method, or subscription plan. This feature allows you to keep track of clients' custom prices, renewals, and due invoices. With our clients reminders feature, you can also ensure that you get paid faster, without any confusion or delay.
Account Management 
With Blackbell, you can easily view a list of your clients and log in to their accounts in just one click. This feature allows you to efficiently manage and support your clients. Additionally, you can assign roles to clients' team members with access control for managing content and orders. This enables you to determine who has editing access to web pages or can manage the order status, for example. You can also log in as each client team member to debug access issues. 

Depending on the plan, clients will see appropriate options in their accounts to contact you via live chat, phone, or email. This makes it easy for clients to reach out to you with any questions or concerns. With Blackbell's client communication features, you can provide top-notch support to your clients and build strong, lasting relationships.
Affiliate Program
Receive 20% recurring referral commissions on any Blackbell plans they subscribe to through your referral links or custom plans.
Recurring commissions on Blackbell plans
Commissions for clients online payments fees (beta)
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Focus on What Won't Change
"A lot of companies focus on chasing hot trends or new technology. That’s all fine and good, but the core of your business should be built around the things that people will always want" -
Streamline Operations
Blackbell offers an all-in-one platform to manage your agency's growth and portfolio, streamlining your operations and reducing overhead.
Boost Efficiency
Blackbell's comprehensive set of tools helps you manage your clients' growth with ease, boosting efficiency and productivity.
Expand Reach
With Blackbell, you can create custom plans and offer central billing, expanding your reach and generating more revenue for your agency.
Retain Loyalty
Our platform provides a range of features tailored to your clients' needs, helping you retain loyalty and provide them with a professional digital solution.
Increase Revenue
By reselling Blackbell, you can offer your clients a powerful set of tools while expanding your agency's offerings and increasing revenue.
Gain Insights
Blackbell provides in-depth analytics and reporting to help you gain insights into your clients' behavior and make informed business decisions.
Agencies and Partners
Blackbell is a platform suitable for web agencies, freelancers, marketing agencies, and larger partners such as domain name providers.
Our partner program includes APIs that allow for the automation of account creation, custom domains setup and subscription management. 
Blackbell is an excellent platform for marketing agencies seeking to help their clients expand. It streamlines the process of creating and managing client growth.
Blackbell's comprehensive platform can greatly benefit web agencies working with SMBs by providing efficient tools for creating and managing campaigns, simplifying the task of nurturing client growth.
Ready to grow your business?
Blackbell is the perfect platform to help you streamline your business operations and reach new heights of success.
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