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Helping hospitality adopt Blackbell
Hotelcloud helps lodging and travel organizations build their Blackbell experience.

Hotelcloud Agency

We're helping hospitality adopt Blackbell. 
- B&Bs
- Hotels (from 3* to Palaces)
- Luxury Villas
- Rentals apartments 

Our services include: consulting, project management, tablet deployment. 

We've managed over 200 hospitality projects included: La Reserve Paris, Le Roch, The Norman Hotel, Atmosphere Kanifushi, Goralska Residences...

About our services

In-house Projects

Hotelcloud can manage different type of in-house projects thanks to a powerful network of partners: 

  • Tablets / Smartphones in house 
  • Multimedia-related projects : IPTV, Chromecast
  • Room Controls : Light, temperature, stores
  • Music 

In-house devices 

Deploying devices - tablets or smartphones - in rooms in hotels / apartments has been trending over the past 5 years. Among the main objectives for establishments :
  • Replacing the traditional room directory ie. no more papers in room !
  • Enabling room controls such as TV control, lighting control, temperature control...
  • Adding a luxury touch !

Hotelcloud has heavy expertise with in-room device deployment , having powered such projects all over the world (France, Israel, Maldives, USA, Spain...). 

To ensure a successful implementation :
  • We use a Mobile Device management (MDM) software to remotely manage devices from a central digital dashboard.
  • We have developed a technology to auto-login / auto-logout in-room devices
  • Our enterprise apps (the ones we deploy in room) ensure privacy. It means our apps embark an incognito browser. No need to clean the device between 2 guests as no navigation is saved between web sessions and between guests
  • We lock devices in kiosk mode. Guests can only browse the app or the Internet. No downloads possible. A clean experience


PressReader is a digital newsstand that lets your guests get all-they-can-read magazines and newspapers to keep informed, entertained and inspired every day. PressReader connects your guests with the stories they love from thousands of premium publications around the world.
On-premise, PressReader enables to browse more than 6000 publications. Unlimited download.

What are the benefits?
For hotels, do the calculation but it can help save money very quickly
For guests, accessing a wide range of publications, from a unique source, on mobile or tablet.

TV Remote 

We can today integrate TV remotes and work on the pairing with TV, to let guests control the TV from their app. From the remote, guests can :
  • Channel selection : + / -
  • Sound control : up / down / mute
  • Pick a channel among the full directory of channels
  • Filter channel by languages
  • Stream content from the device to the TV (mirroring)

Existing Integrations: 
✓ Direct Streams 
✓ Samsung 

Room Control

By room controls, we mean controls of the room environment such as light, temperature, stores, music and even the ability to remotely unlock / lock door.
We work with specialized engineering companies which build automated panels, fully interfaced with root technologies.
We recently collaborated with Caleo CGC and Soliled to deploy powerful and fully-connected solutions in hospitality.

How does our solution work :
  • We customize the application to display all available controls. 
  • We work with integrators on connecting our platform to local servers 
  • Hotelcloud fully handles the room pairing logic