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Blackbell is the best way create bookable services online

About us

Looking for a way for your customers to book your wedding music band services online? Look no further

Use Blackbell's intuitive and sophisticated service builder to sell your services online. 

Create your own wedding music band website, manage your content, services, availabilities, bookings, customer service and payments on laptop or on mobile.

Take control, upgrade your business, and deliver a world-class experience to your customer.

All of this, for just $4 a month

Build your wedding music band website and create a perfect booking flow

Blackbell gives your service building a unique level of sophistication and efficiency - There’s no one like us. We have plenty of intuitive tools for you to create the perfect booking flow for your wedding music band service.

Create your website pages with our website builder and add services and booking steps

  • Demand information from your clients with checkboxes, quantity pickers and text boxes, make these fields mandatory or not. 
  • You can even add a location module where the customer can enter an address and a scheduling module where the customer can pick amongst pre-defined availabilities. 
  • If you need your client to communicate pictures with you, they can also upload images as part of the booking flow. 
  • And once the booking is done, you can capture your client’s signature.
 As you experience with selling your service online, you might want to tweak around the requirements of your booking steps to make your life easier. Edit your requirements in a couple of clicks from any device at any time - no need to be a coding genius.

Manage your time like a pro

The Blackbell platform has an integrated calendar so that you can keep an eye on your wedding music band bookings. Give us your availabilitiesLet Blackbell know when your wedding music band services are available and it’ll do the work for you - Simple rules made with a simple set-up. Display real-time availabilitiesYour clients will be able to see when you are available and book instantly, no hassle. Define your own rules Set buffer times before/after bookings, daily limits, slot limits and minimum notice for booking.

And so much more...

There's so much that a Blackbell platform can do for your business.

  • Mobile accessibility - run your business from your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • Online payment - get paid instantly, generate payment links and quotes to your customers.
  • Recurring subscriptions - if a client trusts in your services, simply set up a recurring subscription and booking.
  • Customization - make your website feel like you.
  • Instant communication - chat directly with your customers answering any queries.
  • Customer profiles - access compiled profiles about your customers with previous bookings and information.
  • Add your team members to your Blackbell interface, assign chats, tasks and orders and chat about existing orders.
  • Promote your services with email campaigns, discount coupons, influencer campaigns and Blackbell marketplaces.
  • Get real-time feedback about how you are performing. Analyse your data and optimise your business accordingly.