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What business tools are included in Blackbell?

  • Website builder: you get your own website with your branded URL
  • Services shop: create and edit in few clicks your services options, prices, photos. It is your online shop.
  • Integrated Payments: you can charge customers online. 
  • Quotes: set services by quote and send appropriate quotes depending on customers requests
  • Send payment links: get paid easily even if an order comes from a phone call
  • Subscriptions: sign up your customers for recurring subscriptions
  • Refund payments: be flexible and refund customers if needed in one click
  • Orders manager: all customers orders are saved and organized
  • Live Chat: enable live chat to grow your business 
  • Saved replies library: support your customers faster, no need to copy paste
  • Calendars: Scheduled jobs are auto added to your business calendar
  • Customers CRM: all customers are saved, see previous orders and information in one place
  • Guests reservations: special feature for hotels and apartment rental
  • Coupons: create discount codes for your customers
  • Influencers campaign: create and launch a social media marketing affiliate campaign
  • Send marketing push: select previous customers and send marketing messages
  • Online visitors tracking: track who visits your blackbell website
  • Sales Reports: track which service or customers are your revenue generator
  • Verified ratings: capture verified ratings from customers, detect issues to fix it
  • Verified reviews: capture and display customers reviews 
  • Capture signatures: your customers can sign online
  • Wordpress: do you have an existing website? add Blackbell checkout
  • Slack: instant notifications about new orders, payments and more
  • Orders alerts: get alerted via email, phone, sms, slack. Never miss an order
  • Multilingual: enable more than one language for your blackbell website and services shop
  • Instant Translate: one click to translate your content with artificial intelligence
  • Custom domain: connect or buy a custom domain for your business
  • Branding: upload your logo and select a palette 
  • Customers notifications: customer are automatically notified when you process orders or chat
  • Export your data: at any time export customers, orders or even a full copy of your Blackbell app
  • Blackbell referral: share blackbell and make 20% commissions, each month
  • Customers native app: your customer can use Blackbell native app or your own app to book your services
  • App languages: use Blackbell in english, spanish, italian, german or french
  • Apps: Blackbell can be used via a simple url on chrome, safari.. or via native apps on iOS and Android

How much does it cost?

Plans start at $4 a month and include all of the above.

Can I try it?

You can create a new Blackbell app at anytime online and you can use for free for 30 days.

What kind of businesses use Blackbell?

From dog walkers to luxury hotels, businesses of all shape and size, in 20 countries, use Blackbell.

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