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Blackbell partner program

When your small business customers join Blackbell, you earn more revenue every month.

20% of the subscription fee 
✔ 20% of the transactions fee
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Client retention and recurring revenue are the trusted fuel to grow your business.

Blackbell is not just a website builder, it is a complete platform to launch, manage and grow a business online.
When your small business customers join Blackbell, you get 20% of the subscription fee every month, as long as they stay with us. 

There is no limit to your growth with Blackbell. When your referred businesses sell services using Blackbell, you get 20% of the transaction fee every month

The more they sell, the more you earn.

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Blackbell supercharges small businesses. When you help small businesses join Blackbell, you solve their problems and help them grow.

All-in-one Platform

Fully integrated suite of products

Blackbell offers a fully integrated suite of products to grow a business online. Websites, forms, payment gateway, mobile app, calendars, and everything in between. 

There is no need for third-party integrations and no hurdles of making different technologies work together— just one seamless ecosystem for growth. 

Drag and Drop

no coding needed

Blackbell is a drag and drop platform — no coding is needed. You can set up your website, seller dashboard and everything you need for your business with just a few clicks. 

With Blackbell, technology is no more a scary thing. We have removed all the complexities and built a robust platform so that you can focus on things you love — delighting your customers.

Unlimited Partner Commission

20% of subscription fee &
20% of transactions fee

When your small business customers sign up for Blackbell, you receive 20% of the subscription fee they pay to us every month.

Become a Blackbell partner today

Unique Marketplace

For rockstar partners

When you refer a large number of customers to us, we offer an exclusive marketplace to you. It is a place for all your small business customers to promote, find new buyers, and grow with ease.

As their businesses grow, your clients stay with you longer. And it’s not just higher retention, a marketplace also helps you find new customers for your business.

Exclusive 25% Discount

to every customer you refer

When your small business customers join Blackbell using your link, they get a 25% discount on the subscription fee for the first four months.

Now they have more reasons to join Blackbell using your link. This way, you can be sure that your efforts are bringing growth to your business. 

Global Platform with Localisation

International Payments & All Major Languages Supported

Blackbell is available in all major languages so that you can communicate with customers all over the world. 

And with Blackbell’s in-built payment gateway, you can receive payment from all over the world without worrying about third-party payment systems and high transaction charges

How It Works

Join as a partner and get your unique link
Refer your small business clients to Blackbell
Sit back & generate more revenue every month

Three Pillars of Your Growth

More customers you refer

You earn a commission on each paid signup

Longer they stick around

Earn 20% of the subscription fee every month

More they sell

Earn 20% of the transaction fee on each sale
Who Uses Blackbell?

Thousands of service businesses use Blackbell everyday to grow their business without hassles.
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