The story behind Blackbell
Empowering entrepreneurs and service providers with the tools to succeed
Years of innovation and expertise.

Since our founding, we've been dedicated to streamlining the online booking experience for businesses and their customers 

The seed
Blackbell was founded in New York
Our company is established to provide a service for hotel guests to book internal services and activities, with a target market of selling to hotels
Expanding our hotels customer base

We have created a marketplace technology that enables the dispatching of orders placed through hotel apps to nearby service providers.

Switching our focus towards service providers

Recognizing that small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) offering services have been overlooked by technology companies and left with manual pen and paper methods, we start working on it.

A new product team for a new vision

As we continued working with hotels, we shifted our focus from being a hybrid tech/manual account management company to becoming a fully technology-driven company.

Acquisition of our biggest client

Acknowledging that the completion of our product vision will require significant time and effort, we acquired Pinglocker, our largest agency partner. This acquisition will facilitate our commercial success in the UK, while also providing us with much-needed cash and additional time.

Huge milestone
$1,000,000 revenues and profitable
As customer satisfaction and revenues increase, the number of support tickets and bug reports decrease. 
Exciting things are coming...
Having achieved product maturity, satisfied customers, and an impressive pipeline of innovative ideas, we embark on the next chapter.
Our passionate team
Dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enable small and medium-sized businesses to thrive in the digital age.
David-Benjamin Brakha
Founder & CEO
Konstantin Alekseev
Alexey Ivanov
Frontend Lead
Anton Bavykin
Frontend Lead
Sergej Verzhbitskij
Backend Lead
Alec, Din, Ruslav
Join the Blackbell team
Become a part of our dynamic, forward-thinking culture. Work with us to deliver exceptional results and create meaningful change.
  • Work Life Balance
  • Competitive Salary And Equity
  • 5 Weeks Paid Vacation
  • Generous Gear Credit
  • Diversity and Inclusion
Incredible work environment, challenging projects, and innovative company.
Sergej Verzhbitskij / Backend Lead
Our team is absolutely fantastic! There's never a dull moment with all the exciting projects we tackle.
Alexey Ivanov / Frontend Lead
We do amazing things with Ember.js, constantly pushing its boundaries with innovative and exciting features.
Anton Bavykin / Frontend Lead
Open positions
Drive growth of Blackbell's digital agency reseller network through business development and relationship building with a focus on revenue growth.
Anywhere (EU timezone)
$80k – $120k
Transforming data into insights, a Blackbell data scientist drives smarter business decisions with advanced analytics.
Anywhere (EU timezone)
$80k – $120k
Designing and implementing the core logic of Blackbell's platform, our backend engineers create efficient and scalable solutions.
Anywhere (EU timezone)
$80k – $120k
Crafting intuitive user experiences on Blackbell's platform, our frontend engineers leverage cutting-edge technologies to bring designs to life.
Anywhere (EU timezone)
$80k – $120k
Our customers span the globe
From Australia to the USA, from London to Panama, across borders and languages.