Partner Program

Become a Blackbell expert. Join a partnership that takes you, and your business, to the next level.

Amplify your agency

Use Blackbell to build websites, e-shops, services booking platforms or marketplaces in days. 

Blackbell covers your agency’s needs from end to end with: 
  • A robust web builder regularly updated with the latest features you need to build beautiful platforms
  • Powerful tools to deliver at scale: content import in one-click, copy by URL...
  • Dedicated support by a Blackbell Success Manager

Every Blackbell platform is built from the ground up for excellent SEOperfect responsivenessfast load times, and more, so you can be sure you’re offering a truly valuable service to your customers. 

Grow your customers with influencer marketing

On top of helping you build beautiful platforms very quickly, Blackbell also provides you with the ability to create influencer campaigns in seconds. 

Directly from Blackbell's back-office: 
  • Setup a campaign: Grant influencers a commission to promote your customers' products & services
  • Share a campaign: Let influencers join your campaigns. They can easily promote your customers's products & services on their social media. 
  • Monitor sales: track your customers' performance. Understand which influencer is performing. 

Trusted by 500+ Customers & Partners Worldwide

"Blackbell's platform has significantly decreased the time it takes for our team to produce beautiful, quality, high performance marketplace for our clients.”

Stefan @ Website Rocket, London, UK.

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