Transferwise Explained

Transferwise Explained *For Influencers*

What is Transferwise?

TransferWise is an online account that lets you send money, get paid, and spend money internationally. With a TransferWise account, you can send money abroad, get paid in other currencies, and spend abroad on the TransferWise debit Mastercard.

How does Blackbell use Transferwise? 

Blackbell uses Transferwise to easily send you money in 40+ currencies. 

Who can open a Transferwise account? 

Anyone. You only need an email and a password to get started. Transferwise is open to individuals and businesses. 

What countries are supported? 

We can send money to the following countries. 

How to connect my Transferwise account to my Blackbell Promoter account? 

Already have a Transferwise account?
Simply head over to the Settings section of the Blackbell Promote application and enter the email address associated to your Transferwise account in one click. 

Don't have a Transferwise account yet? 
You can easily create a Transferwise account from their website of from the Blackbell Promote app. Click on sign up and get started. 

How do I get notified about payouts to my Transferwise account? 

You will receive an email from Transferwise notifying you about the transfer and the ETA to receive your money. 

Does the money goes directly to my bank account? 
No, Blackbell will send money to your Transferwise account. You can easily transfer your balance to your bank account or use it to pay customers, suppliers, partners... 

Do you charge fees to transfer money to my Transferwise account? 
We charge 2 types of fees: 
  • A Blackbell fee equivalent to 20% of the commission shared by the Campaign Manager
  • A Transferwise fee. Blackbell is using a business account to send you money. Learn more about fees here.