Why Blackbell

Blackbell is your happy place to manage every area of your business making it agile, effortless to run and more profitable.

Sell. Manage. Promote.
All in one

Blackbell is your happy place: manage every area of your business, making it agile, effortless to run, and more profitable.

It simplifies selling

Blackbell offers your customers a faster booking experience while giving you a workspace where orders are organized and accessible.

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"Since we've been using Blackbell to sell on site experiences, our turnover has tripled. It has so much potential.
Pauline, Digital Marketing at Les Sources de Caudalie

It helps your operations

Say goodbye to email and paper chaos. Blackbell has all your customers, orders, and team’s to-dos in one place. Every team member is now on the same page and up-to-date.

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"Amazing that the system keeps track of all customers automatically and their orders.. saves so much time
Jessie, Wedding Florist

It promotes your services the smart way

Save money on online ads and SEO: make use of Blackbell’s promotional tools to engage previous customers, create affiliated marketing campaigns, and sell via marketplaces.

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"Blackbell is not only an online software to take bookings. It is a business tool that helps us grow. The unique "sell via marketplaces" feature lets us reach customers, at the right time, in their life journey."
Stefan, Manager at Pinglocker Concierge 

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