Claire Bertin

Creative and Content Manager
I'll be please to help you better understand the design and writing of content. I accompany you on your different projects and the resulting editorial strategies. My style is fluid and adapts easily to your editorial line.

About Claire

About Claire

Having worked for Blackbell as a content manager, I had to fully manage ambitious editorial projects and I am familiar with the process of development, design and monitoring. My main missions were:
Creation of E-concierge apps
Creation of content & city blogs for the applications of over +100 hotels and apartment rentals groups, spread in 60 countries
Use Blackbell CMS and other internal tools to create & update content
Work on translation (English and French)

Listening to my clients, the quality of my work and the pleasure I feel to perform it ensures a rewarding and satisfying collaboration.
Feel free to contact me for us to discuss about your project.

Order My Services

Full Creation

I help you setup your platform in 30 days, from Blackbell setup to content upload. What's includedThe assistance includes: - Advice on your website infrastructure - Setup of your team & departments - Upload of your material: Text, image, image gallery, bookable products and services, video, PDF, Map and more. - Review and optimizationWhat happens after 30 daysI don't commit to finalize your website in 30 days. I commit to be fully available and help you the best I can to get it done in 30 days ! If you need more time, just order another shot!

Review & Training

Get assistance in setting up your products, team, departments and train your team on your new Blackbell platform.What's includedFive day assistance to help you understand Blackbell's content builder, review your content, train you on the basics. Past those 5 days, you'll be fully equipped to finalize your website and update it in a few clicks.

Custom Service

Need for an app transfer or any other custom project ? Please feel free to describe your project below and I'll be happy to get back to you with a quote as soon as I can.


I remain at your disposal for any further information it may require, please feel free to contact me.

Terms & Conditions

To order professional services, you must have subscribed to a Blackbell product. 
Once I've received your payment, I will get in touch with you to explain the process and how to move forward !