The complete platform for freelancers & web agencies
Leverage Blackbell to create booking websites and digital solutions that are the perfect fit for your clients' needs.
Blackbell suite of products
Blackbell products are designed for small and medium-sized businesses selling services, services marketplaces & web and marketing agencies.
The optimal solution for SMBs offering services. 

Designed to seamlessly streamline bookings, facilitate payments, and enhance customer relationships.
Specially crafted for service marketplaces

Build a service marketplace through streamlined supplier onboarding, effortless integration, and real-time management.
Made for web agencies and freelancers

Streamline clients' growth with digital solutions tailored to their needs, and a set of tools to scale.
Superpowers, from $5 / month 
Blackbell is a uniquely powerful platform that offers a modern technology stack to launch, grow, and scale a service business on the internet. With our affordable pricing, you can offer it to businesses at a profitable margin while ensuring it remains cost-effective for them.
The Agency Growth Engine. 
Blackbell is designed to supercharge your agency with a full spectrum of tools for managing and scaling client services efficiently.

Deploy services and manage bookings with ease, giving you the power to set up your clients faster.


Consolidate client operations with a cohesive platform, freeing up your team's time.


Enhance your agency's service offerings, ensuring client satisfaction and business scalability.

Blackbell Mobile Apps. For SMB teams. For SMB customers.
. For SMB team
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. For SMB customers
Customer bookings and notifications Blackbell app for iOS  Blackbell app for Android
. For Branded SMB
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