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About us

As a busy business-owner, it is not always easy to keep on top of managing your social media presence as well as day-to-day tasks of your business. In today's world, however, social media is of the utmost importance to grow your business and keep a clientele. This is where we can help you.

**Your company name** is a social media consultant in **your city**, we can help you with your social media strategy, we specialize in media planning, growth hacking, content creation and influencer marketing. Our aim is to provide strategic social media solutions to our clients by pairing creative content with analytics that create a positive return on investment.

Why hire us as your Social Media Consultant?

  • Build Your Brand
    You product or service may be unique, but however amazing, it is difficult to make customers aware of your business. We can help make you more visible. We know the best social media platforms and how to use them to reach your target market. We are always updated with the digital trends and changes in social media marketing. We will make sure the content you put out is outstanding, every time.

  • Get New Clients
    Today, customers go directly to social media accounts of brands to learn more about them and their products or services, hence the importance of having updated and impressive social media accounts. At **your company name** we'll make sure your social media presence is always on point, engaging, and fully reflects your brand so that customers are impressed by your brand and sure of ordering from you. We also have connections with influencers to promote your brand and know the ins and outs of strategic advertisement.

  • Save Money
    Employing an in-house digital team for social media can be expensive, you'll need to spend money and time on recruitment, training and monthly wages. Save your time and your money by outsourcing your social media management with us. We have clear plans and retainers to choose from, and we are experts in strategy. Trust us with social media and concentrate on the core of your business.


10 Hour Package - 300$/per month

Get your hours for the month! By purchasing a set amount of hour per month you are guaranteeing my time. Additional hours can be purchased at 30$ an hour.

20 Hour Package - $526/per month

You can use your hours however you see fit. This could include social media managing, content creation and many other tasks. Additional hours can be purchased at 30$ an hour.

Customized Retainer - by quote

If you need more hours per month, that is possible as well. Contact me for a personalized quote for however many hours you may need.

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