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About us

Looking for a digital agency to better your online business? 
Blackbell has all the tools an agency could provide for your business's online presence. 

Create your own website with Blackbell's intuitive website builder and promote your services online. 
Personalise your website, manage your content, optimise your SEO and promote your business with plenty of marketing tools. 

Take control, upgrade your business, and deliver a world-class experience to your customer.

All of this, for just $5 a month.

Build your own website - even if you're a tech newbie

No need to hire a web developer, you can create your own website easily with Blackbell.

Our content management system has been carefully created so that it is easy to use for just about anyone, and we’re sure that includes you. 

Use this platform to create your website and dazzle your customers with a slick presentation, courtesy of Blackbell.

  • Get your own website with a branded URL.  
  • Create your pages or use our templates for guidance. 
  • Add text, images, videos, calendars and pdfs. 
  • Add and customise your services.
  • Enable a multilingual website  
  • Translate your content into different languages yourself or by using the integrated Google artificial intelligence one-click translate service.

Trusted by businesses in 20 countries

Make it your own

Custom Mobile App, Domain and Branding 

Blackbell allows you to create your very own IOS or Android app - Your website will merge into an app that your customers can find on the Apple App Store or on Google Play and from which they will be able to book your services. Or, you can also skip the complications and use our native app: Your customers can download the Blackbell app where they will be able to find your platform.
 Register your own domain name - Registering your own domain with Blackbell is quick and easy. Give a professional and slick look to your business. By buying your domain name with Blackbell, skip the technical configurations and get your own .com website in just a few clicks, we do the work for you. Or connect an existing one - If you already own a domain but want to use Blackbell, you can easily connect your Blackbell platform to your domain. Master your business branding and make your website feel like you - upload your own logo and customize your look and feel with a palette of colours and the possibility to change theme and size of content.

Promote your services

Blackbell will help you promote your business. 
Engage previous and future customers, create marketing campaigns and sell via marketplaces.
 Coupons - Create discount codes for your customers with plenty of options to choose from on their type, amount, and the targeted services and customers. Share these coupons to the audience of your choice via different tools (we recommend our email campaigns). On your interface, see your active and expired coupons as well as the customers who have redeemed the coupon. 
Email Campaigns - Select previous customers who have booked your services and send them marketing emails.

Influencer Campaign - Create and launch a social media affiliate campaign.

Join one of the Marketplaces built on Blackbell - Increase your market reach by using nearby Blackbell Marketplaces to sell your services. Select the page you would like to submit to that marketplace, and once your application is validated, you will start receiving bookings through that Marketplace into your inbox.

Get feedback on how you’re doing

No need for an e-commerce consultancy service
We measure how well you’re using your Blackbell platform and tell you how you can improve. 

A higher score means more sales and happier customers, trust us, we’ve got the data. 
Improve your score to improve your business. It's that simple.
 You can also access the most accurate information about traffic and usage directly from your back-office interface. 
 ✓ Number of visitors
 ✓ Number of returning visitors
 ✓ Country of origin of visitor
 ✓ Average time spent on platform

Easily analyse your data and optimise your content accordingly, offer the most relevant user experience possible.

You can also track your revenue
 ✓ Total revenue 
 ✓ % of those who booked
 ✓ # of those who booked
 ✓ Average booking amount
 ✓ View by period: by day, week, month, custom period
 ✓ Most booked services
 ✓ Biggest revenue generators
 ✓ Biggest spenders 

And so much more...

There's so much that a Blackbell platform can do for your business.

  • Sophisticated service builder - sell your services, your way.
  • Online payment - get paid online in seconds, send quotes and set up recurring subscriptions.
  • Personal Calendar - always stay on top of your bookings and meetings.
  • Instant communication - chat directly with your customers answering any queries
  • Customer profiles - access compiled profiles about your customers with previous bookings and information.
  • Add your team members to your Blackbell interface, assign chats, tasks and orders and chat about existing orders.
  • Mobile accessibility - Manage your business from your mobile, answer chats, deal with orders, payments, refunds and change your content, wherever you are.

We’ll be here to help, every step of the way

The Blackbell team is here for you

We have a live chat support integrated to our website, should you have any questions before subscribing. And a chat support integrated to your Blackbell back office, where we will answer any issues instantly.  

For you to learn how to create your Blackbell platform, we have also carefully created a help section on our website with targeted articles and a search bar for you to find whatever you might need. Tutorial videos are also available. 

Should you need more help with all the technical jargon, or should you not have time to build your own platform, we will happily link you with one of our Blackbell Experts who will do the work for you.

For your safety and security

Blackbell helps you to stay on top of your cyber legality and security. GDPR & Privacy
  • Custom your privacy terms - Upload your own terms of service. Add them to log-in forms and enable click-to-accept.
  • Cookie Consent box - Add a cookie consent box to your website.
  • Customers’ rights - Blackbell compiles with GDPR. Contact us for more info.
  Data Export 
  • Export your content – Restore your website in seconds by importing a backup file.
  • Export your customers – Never loose your customer profiles.
  • Export your orders – Keep a history of all orders safe.
 Cloud & Security
  • Hosting – Your Blackbell plan includes hosting so you don’t have to worry about it. Your content will load quickly from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud Storage – We allows you an unlimited fair usage of storage in our optimized content cloud. Talk to us if you need more than 4GB.
  • HTTPS Everywhere – We protect the safety and security of your business and customers by maintaining an SLL certificate.