Our mission - help service business grow online
10 years in business
We started Blackbell under the name Hotelcloud to provide hotels with the best product for guests to order services and local activities. 
Working with activities providers we realized how little to no software responded to their needs. While many great apps serve businesses selling products online, just a few are tackling the challenge to bring services providers online. 
So we shifted our focus and grew a real passion in creating the best booking system in the world and a suite of products we are proud to sell and would recommend to our family and friends.

Our Culture
We are a profitable and an independent company. We can do whatever we want. We do not rely on VC money, we are funded by our happy customers - we just believe in doing great products. 
We don't like Facebook and we strongly disagree that privacy is dead. We take security very seriously and protect the data of customers. 
We are a US company based in Delaware. We are a fully-remote team working from eight countries for many years.

Why Blackbell exists

Growing business online feels great.  
New clients, easy payments, and great service delivery bring success, reputation, and comfort. 
But without technical and marketing knowledge building a successful business online feels complicated.  Every time you plan to bring your business online, your excitement gives in to the doubts. 
How will I create a website? How will I receive the payments? How will I manage orders? What if I have to talk with a customer before providing the services? How will I promote my services? How much investment do I need? What if I can't afford it? 
This list of doubts is endless. 
And when you put together different tools to build an online system, its complexity bogs you down. 
WordPress for the website, Calendly for the appointments, Paypal to receive payments, Freshbooks for invoicing, Mailchimp to send emails, Google forms to collect customers' information, HubSpot CRM to keep all customer information, the list is long. 
Every day you spend hours checking different software. 
It steals away your energy. It steals away your time. 
Instead of delivering services and doing things you love, you spend time on software.  
And all hell loose break, when one of these software integrations breaks, it always does because these software were created to work independently, not together. 
Burdened with ‚Äėnon-profitable‚Äô tasks, you no longer work 'on' the business, you work 'in' the business.¬†
And nobody cared to bring a solution to help you. They were busy selling you what they liked and created. 
But building a business online need not be so complicated anymore. 
With Blackbell, we have designed a powerful all-in-one platform. 
It is a new approach from the ground up to build, grow, and scale your business online. 
Blackbell gives you all the tools and all the powers you need in one place, organically weaved together as one. 
And you do not need engineering knowledge. 
You can set up everything with a few clicks. Because we understand your challenges, dreams, and aspirations, we made it a child's play to get started. 
So that you can focus on doing things you love, things you are passionate about and things that will delight your customers. 
David, CEO at Blackbell