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Simplify operations, upgrade resident experiences and gain full control over property management without worrying about the software.
Mostly, our clients use Blackbell to power their branded app: 
1. iOS / android / web 2. Run a local marketplace of services providers and earn commissions 3. Accept internal requests 4. Accept amenities bookings 5. Communicate with residents 6. Update content with advanced page/form builder tools 

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Resident satisfaction leads to retention and drives property value
What are you doing about them?

Day to day property management, providing excellent amenities, improving rent collection, responding to resident expectations, lowering your costs, and driving resident satisfaction ‚ÄĒ you have a lot on your plate when it comes to growth and protecting your business against resident churn. With Blackbell, you have a trusted partner to improve resident experience.

For Property Owners

Make data-backed business decisions

Blackbell helps property owners and investors gain full visibility and control over property and service offerings. 
Make impactful business decisions based on real data, not on hearsay.

For Property Managers

Simplify day-to-day property management

Managing property and communicating with residents can overwhelm the staff. 
Digitalise communications, automate reminders, capture data, and offer amenities, all using one platform.

For Residents

Build thriving resident communities

Today residents need more than a living space. They need amenities, events, local services, and a sense of community to stay longer. 
With Blackbell, you have a complete platform to engage and delight residents. 
Top Features
A complete suite of applications for seamless experience


Easily communicate with residents. You can broadcast messages to all residents as well as contact specific residents. Reply to messages from residents and stay on top of the things. 
We help you design and pre-approved message templates for important scenarios so that you can automate and standardize tasks. 
With Blackbell, it's super easy to engage residents with proactive communications and low response times.


Blackbell simplifies amenities bookings. Completely customized booking workflows empowers you to design booking flows for all types of amenities. 
Powerful forms and calendars work seamlessly to help residents book amenities within their app. 
Blackbell captures usage data and helps you to optimize amenities and build a meaningful resident experience.

Parcel Management

Managing parcels is a cumbersome task. Manual processes are inefficient and need dedicated staff. Plus, there is always a risk of parcels getting lost. 
Blackbell offers a smart parcel management system that helps management save time, increase accuracy, implement social distancing, and automate resident notifications. 
Now your staff can focus more on serving the residents and improving resident satisfaction.


Events offer residents a way to connect with each other and form a community. However, organizing and managing events that residents enjoy are easier said than done.  Blackbell helps you organise events and share the events page with all residents. You can track interest, participation, and feedback of residents for any event. Use this data to plan events and community spaces that residents love.

Visitor Management

Managing visitors is as much about security as it is about ease. Blackbell makes it super easy to check-in, track, and check-out visitors, contractors, and service providers. Digital identity verification and automatic notifications to the hosts help in smooth engagement. 
With the contactless sign-in process, Blackbell frees up staff and enables them to focus on more value added activities. 
Blackbell's visitor management keeps the community safe, engaged, and happy.

Payments Collection

Improve rental collection by enabling auto-reminders. Residents can update the status on their app once they make the payment. View and track the status of all rental payments in one central dashboard. 
Blackbell enables you to digitally collect and track micro-payments for amenities, parking, maintenance, guest bookings, and other services. Reliably collect payments that otherwise are difficult to keep track of. 
Blackbell brings convenience and efficiency to your operations.


Residents can raise repairs and maintenance requests anytime from the Blackbell app. 
The online tracking system helps management to streamline all maintenance requests and update residents in real time. 
Complete online process, tracking, and status updates ensure that you can reduce operational costs, maintain high service standards, and turn maintenance issues into positive experiences, all at the same time.


Blackbell offers a complete online marketplace of local vendors and services. Residents can discover and book a service right within their Blackbell app. Vendors can provide exclusive offers to residents and grow sales. 
Marketplace helps you to earn a commission on each transaction, thus establishing new ancillary revenues. 
Offer additional amenities to your residents and elevate the living experience.

Full-Tech Stack

Blackbell is a fully customizable and all-in-one suite of software. We set up and launch your app just in a few weeks. 
Unlike bulky software that takes forever to upgrade, adding new content or features to your Blackbell app is just a few clicks away. It means you can respond to ever evolving resident needs, growth strategies, and emergencies in real-time. 
Blackbell easily integrates with your property management software to create a seamless experience.

Rights & Permissions

Management, security, facilities, community ‚ÄĒ It takes a lot many teams to successfully manage a property. Blackbell allows you to grant different rights and permissions to different teams.¬†
This way it becomes simple for everyone to cut the clutter and efficiently use the app. 
Your Blackbell app is efficient, secured, and protected against unauthorized usage.

Dashboards & Analytics

With Blackbell, you have all tools interconnected in one place. It means you have access to complete data for a full view of your property operations. 
Use data to design growth strategies, plan workforce and facilities, and optimize operational cost. 
Take better decisions with powerful dashboards and analytics for cost effectiveness, high resident engagement and better brand identity.


Blackbell is available in all languages. Our powerful AI technology-based dynamic translation ensures that you and your residents can always communicate without language barriers. 
Multiple language support is essential in today’s increasingly cosmopolitan society. 
This also means that you can use Blackbell in any country and location without ever worrying about language barriers.
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