Promote your shopify design expert business with online marketing

About us

Watch your shopify design expert online business grow with Blackbell. Discover our intuitive business management software and indispensable marketing services.

Use our website builder to create your own interactive online platform and sell your shopify design expert services. Manage and promote your business with email campaigns, discount coupons, social media influencer campaigns and Blackbell Marketplaces.

The Blackbell App has everything you need to make your shopify design expert business take off. And it's always available, on laptop or smartphone, whenever, wherever.

All of this, for just $4 a month.

Promote your business

Blackbell will help you promote your business. Engage previous and future customers, create marketing campaigns and sell via marketplaces. Start upgrading your business today.

Drive sales with Coupons

From your Blackbell back-end, you can allow your customers to apply Discount Coupons to their purchases on your website.

Create discount codes for your customers with plenty of options to choose from on their type, amount, targeted services and customers.

Share these coupons to the audience of your choice via different tools (we recommend our email campaigns). 

On your interface, see your active and expired coupons as well as the customers who have redeemed the coupon. 

Launch a Marketing Campaign in minutes with Blackbell Promote

At Blackbell, we've created an app that liaises your shopify design expert business with Social Media Influencers
Publish your campaign directly from the Blackbell content management system onto this app and influencers will be able to find you and take on your campaign, you can also seek out influencers and share your campaign code with them.

Take influencers onto your campaign and create promo codes that they can share with their followers. 
Specify discount type, targeted services and amount. 
Leverage and reward influencers for spreading the word.
Automate commissions' payments online.
See how your campaign is doing - from your campaign page, track sales and see which influencer is performing the best.

Join one of the Marketplaces built on Blackbell 

Increase your market reach by selling your shopify design expert services via nearby Blackbell Marketplaces. 

Blackbell Marketplaces are service platforms that integrate different services into one online platform, such as a local community of services, a concierge business or a booking platform. You will be able to see the Marketplaces in the Blackbell app and content management system and apply to them directly. Select the page you would like to submit to that marketplace, and once your application is validated, you will start receiving orders through that Marketplace into your inbox.

And so much more...

There is so much a Blackbell platform can do for your business.
  • Mobile accessibility - run your business from your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • Personal Calendar - always stay on top of your bookings and meetings.
  • Customization - make your website feel like you.
  • Instant communication - chat directly with your customers answering any queries
  • Online payment - get paid online in seconds, see you Blackbell balance and trigger payouts to your account.
  • Multilingual website – translate your content into as many languages you like yourself or with our one-click translate service.
  • Customer profiles - access compiled profiles about your customers with previous bookings and information.
  • Add your team members to your Blackbell interface, assign chats, tasks and orders and chat about existing orders.
  • Get real-time feedback about how you are performing. Analyse your data and optimise your business accordingly.