The super app for your business  

Accept online bookings & payments with Blackbell.

The best online booking software to sell services.

Blackbell is a revolutionary all-in-one platform to launch and grow your business on the web.

Blackbell for Small Businesses

Leverage the power of the web to sell more without worrying about the technology. 

With Blackbell you get instant access to all the tools you need to showcase your services, get new orders and receive payments. 

What’s more, Blackbell is a drag and drop platform so you can set it up in minutes.
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Simple, fast and built for selling services online
Blackbell brings robust web technology simplified for your everyday use. We have created all the tools you need to build communities and sell services online. Within a few minutes, you can drag and drop everything you need to start earning online. 

Whether you are a local or a global business, showcase your offerings, receive orders, collect payments from across the world and fulfill the jobs on the field with Blackbell.
Businesses on Blackbell
Explore services providers using Blackbell to run their online bookings
Everyday Services
Health & Fitness Services
Home Maintenance, Furnishing & Interior Design
Moving & Logistics Services
Beauty Treatments

Blackbell for Real Estate

Get a dedicated resident app for your property to delight residents, improve retention and increase property value. 

As if it's not enough, with an exclusive marketplace, you can generate new revenue

With Blackbell, you can transform your properties into thriving communities.
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Blackbell for Marketplace

Blackbell connect is a ready-to-use platform to launch and manage a curated marketplace of service providers.

A marketplace helps your customers access quality services with attractive deals and discounts. Vendors acquire new customers and you earn a commission on each transaction.

Your Blackbell marketplace comes with expert guidance on selecting and onboarding vendors so that your can deliver the best value to your customers.
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Blackbell for Partners

Earn new revenue for lifetime by refering your small business customers to Blackbell. 

It is not any run-of-the-mill partner program. With Blackbell, there is no limit to your earnings

In addition to commission on subscription fee, you also earn commission on each sale your referred customers make on Blackbell.
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Bringing your ideas to life

When did you last feel confident about creating a website yourself? It’s often a bit of a stressful business, right? 

With their narrow love for technology, most companies have built platforms in which you need specialized skills to set up a website, which leaves you at the mercy of engineers and tech agencies. 

And if that wasn’t enough, these platforms aren’t even complete - you’ll have to buy multiple third-party plugins to get all the functionalities you want. 

Truth is, most platforms are half-baked, overly complex, and don’t respect your precious time. 

At Blackbell, we have a human-centric approach to technology — we believe a technology is good inasmuch as it simplifies the lives of its users. 

Blackbell offers a fully integrated suite of web products. With one signup, you get access to all the tools you need to launch and grow your business. Anyone can set up a seamless online platform with our simple drag and drop interface

Blackbell is perfect for small businesses as well as for real estate properties. 

Small business owners use Blackbell from all over the world to sell services, get new bookings and collect payments online. 

Multi-Family buildings and other real estate properties use Blackbell to build a thriving community of delighted residents. 

The truth is, with Blackbell, the possibilities are endless. All we need from you is a little imagination.  

Ready to transform your business?

If you are a small business, signup for Blackbell's 14-day free trial. To know more about our real estate solution, book a demo.
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Blackbell loves Ukraine 🇺🇦

We stand behind Ukraine - 100%.

Blackbell core team is in part based in Ukraine. 

We have family, friends under the bombs. Some are now refugees, others are volunteering to help in attacked cities. 

Do the right thing, support Ukraine.
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