Static website + pen & paper?Time to upgrade!
Effortlessly launch booking sites and marketplaces, no coding needed. Revolutionize how you manage bookings, schedules, orders, and customer relations, all in one powerful tool. Transform your business operations to leverage tech for growth and automate your success
Blackbell suite of products is made for Entrepreneurs
Blackbell products are designed for entrepreneurs selling services, services marketplaces & web and marketing agencies.
Services SMB
The optimal solution for SMBs offering services. 

Designed to streamline bookings, facilitate payments, and enhance customer relationships.
Service Marketplaces
The no-code builder for service marketplaces. 

Create hyper-local service marketplaces automating order dispatch and commissions.
Web Agencies
Our product for web agencies and freelancers. 

Streamline clients' growth with digital solutions tailored to their needs, and a set of tools to scale.
Superpowers, from $29 /month 
Blackbell is a uniquely powerful platform that offers a modern technology stack to launch, grow, and scale a service business on the internet. With our affordable pricing, you can offer it to businesses at a profitable margin while ensuring it remains cost-effective for them.

Are you a freelancer or agency building sites for others?

The Agency Growth Engine. 
Blackbell is designed to supercharge your agency with a full spectrum of tools for managing and scaling client services efficiently.

Swiftly create booking platforms with accessible templates, instant copying, and HTML/CSS to visual editor conversion.


Offer custom plans bundling Backbell licenses, automate invoicing, tracking, and online payments via Blackbell or external methods.


Quickly access client accounts, enable in-account chat for direct communication, and view client success metrics.

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