Property Managers

Offering home & lifestyles services to residents


Property & facility managers are increasingly looking to enhance their managed buildings with concierge services. 

Student accommodation
Student accommodations are becoming more and more vibrant and engaged communities. On top of offering accommodation, residences must renew their offer as millennials are asking for additional services such as: on-demand home services, training classes, community events...

Residential buildings
Similarly, residential buildings are also looking to offer to their residents a single platform where they can find the entire service offering. 

Blackbell technology allows to build concierge applications in days. Additionally our multivendor marketplace builder makes it extremely easy to gather nearby service providers into the platform.

Examples of services applications built with Blackbell

  • Residential Group - Explore JLL Lifestyle 
  • Student Accommodation - Explore Chapter
  • Residential Building - Explore Greengate
  • Concierge company serving buildings across London - Explore Pinglocker

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