Easy to use No-Code software for SMBs selling services
SchedulePro consolidates the functionality of 20 different programs into an easy to use single platform. Save time and money by using our all-in-one solution, which streamlines your scheduling process and eliminates the need for multiple subscriptions and logins.
SchedulePro for SMBs: All-in-One Powerful Suite of Apps
Empower your clients with SchedulePro by Blackbell: a dynamic suite of software tailored to elevate and expand their service businesses.
A website, designed for fast and simple bookings

Create a stunning website with Blackbell - the perfect platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Our intuitive no-code editor makes it easy to customize your website to fit your brand, colors, typography and graphics.. Plus, you can easily add booking forms, accept payments, and more to start selling services right away. Test it live in our playground without an account.

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Set up online bookings with flexible online forms

Allow your clients to accept bookings and reservations through our customizable online forms. Our adaptable system enables you to modify the forms to meet their unique requirements, ensuring a smooth booking experience for both your clients and their customers. Streamline their operations and save time. Experience it firsthand in our live playground without needing an account.

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Streamlined Payments: Secure, Fast, Subscription-Ready

Streamline payment setups for your clients with Blackbell's seamless online payment system. Our intuitive platform simplifies the integration of diverse payment options, including Apple Pay, ensuring secure and rapid transactions. Empower your clients with the ability to establish subscription models for their services, offering their customers a hassle-free recurring payment solution.     

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Calendar, Messaging, Analytics and more

Empower your clients with Blackbell's advanced scheduling features. Our user-friendly calendar system is designed for service providers and integrates smoothly with Google Calendar, simplifying the management of bookings and appointments.

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Maximize clients business productivity with a boost.

Enhance your clients efficiency with Blackbell's suite of productivity tools. Equip your clients with instant notifications, private note-keeping, swift booking management, and an automated CRM to optimize their operations. The Blackbell mobile app places this power in the palm of their hands, enabling awesome business management anytime, anywhere.

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The core of your business
Online Scheduling
Create a seamless booking experience for your services business. Our form builder offers complete customization, allowing you to add custom options, prices, and mandatory fields for your clients. You can also integrate CRM fields into the form, making it easier to pre-fill existing customer profiles.

Our associated calendar schedule lets you block off specific time slots for appointments, and you can even add options that increase needed slot time duration or define how many slots to block with each order. Additionally, our billing options allow for both online and offline payments.

Choose from instant book or manual confirm required by a team member, and set your own cancellation policy. With automation features like auto-send messages, auto-labeling customers, and auto-creating jobs for your team, you can streamline your workflow and focus on providing excellent service to your clients.

Internal features like alerts for new orders and customizable workflows ensure that your team stays organized and on top of bookings. 
Streamline bookings
Efficient Bookings
Online forms are efficient for capturing booking information with various options such as yes/no, checkbox, dropdown, quantity picker, text field, file upload, address, date, email, phone, signature, and number. Mandatory fields ensure critical info is captured while optional fields gather additional info. Price options allow customers to choose packages or add-ons. Streamline bookings, reduce errors, improve satisfaction, and organize data for analysis with online forms.
  • Flexible form fields with customization options¬†¬†
  • Mandatory & optional fields for accuracy
  • Streamlined booking process for satisfaction
Automate calendars
Efficient Scheduling
Specify your open hours and days, as well as any special hours or closed days ahead of time.
Automated Check - Set a maximum number of bookings allowed per slot and require available resources, such as a physical space or equipment, to avoid double bookings or conflicts.
Booking Restrictions - Prevent last minute bookings and allow customers to book in advance, giving you more control over your schedule.
Sync with Google Calendar, allowing you to export or import events seamlessly.
  • Manage Open Hours and Special Days
  • Automated Check for Double Bookings
  • Flexible Booking Restrictions and Sync
Integrated. Seemless.

Bookings + Calendars =¬†‚̧ԳŹ

With Integrated booking forms and calendars, streamline your booking process, reduce administration time, and increase customer satisfaction. Booking forms allow customers to easily book appointments or services on your website without the need for manual intervention. This means that you can automate your booking process, freeing up valuable time for other tasks. With a calendar integration, you can manage all of your bookings in one place, making it easier to keep track of available slots and avoid double bookings.

  • Automate booking process¬†
  • Save administration time
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
Online Payments
With Blackbell, you can easily accept one-off payments through our secure payment gateway using three different methods: Apple Pay, Google Pay, and card payments. For businesses that require recurring payments, we offer automated subscriptions for seamless, hassle-free transactions.
Our platform also includes features such as failed payment notifications, refunds, and fraud prevention to ensure the safety and security of your transactions. Additionally, with Blackbell Balance, you can manage your funds with ease, whether it's scheduling automatic or manual transfers to your bank account.
Our CRM feature is designed to help you manage your customer relationships effectively. With our CRM tool, all customer data and interactions are automatically saved, organized and easily accessible from a single dashboard. You can view customer profiles that contain their basic information such as name, email, photo, gender, birthday as well as their online status. Labels can be added to categorize customers into groups for easy segmentation.

You can also track customer visits with the statistics feature, which displays the number of times a customer has interacted with your business. Our CRM fields allow you to add custom fields in forms to auto load and auto save data when customers book your services. Additionally, notes can be added and kept visible only to your team for better collaboration and coordination.

With our CRM feature, you will be able to keep track of your customers' information and interactions effortlessly, which will enable you to provide them with personalized experiences that will ultimately lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction.
With Broadcasts, you can easily send out targeted messages to your audience, whether it be through email or push notifications. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create customized campaigns with text, images, call-to-action buttons, and attachments.

Once your message is crafted, simply select your desired audience. You can choose from a pre-existing list of subscribers or create a custom CRM audience.

After you've sent your broadcast, you'll have access to detailed reports on open and click rates, allowing you to optimize your messaging and better understand your audience's behavior. You can even view individual users' open and click activity.

We're confident that our Broadcasts feature will help take your marketing efforts to the next level. 
SchedulePro Pricing. 
The optimal solution for SMBs offering services. Designed to seamlessly streamline bookings, facilitate payments, and enhance customer relationships.
Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
Most Popular
$ 299 /year 29 /month
Start here if you provide less than 10 services
  • 5 pages
  • 10 online forms
  • 4% transaction fee
$ 799 /year 79 /month
Start here if you provide more than 10 services
  • 25 pages
  • 50 online forms
  • 3% transaction fee
$ 1999 /year 199 /month
Best plan for large volume of online payments
  • 125 pages
  • 250 online forms
  • 2% transaction fee
Expecting more than 10,000 monthly bookings?
Frequently asked questions
  • What is included with all plans?

    Apps & Utilities Orders manager, Website builder, Booking Forms manager, Calendars, Schedule, CRM, Broadcasts (email / push campaign manager), Subscriptions manager, Tasks board, Online payment, Chat, Reports, Coupons, sell via marketplaces 
    Hosting & SSL All plans come with hosting of 4GB storage and free SSL. 

    Help & Support  All plans come with live chat support
  • What are transaction fees?

    Online Payments Transactions fees only apply to online payments. Blackbell transaction fees depend on your plan and are charged only for orders with online payments. You will be charged an additional payment fee of up to 2.9% + 30 cents used to process your customers credit cards.
    Offline payments
    There is no fees if you sell services with offline payments. We do not charge "per booking" fees.
  • Do you charge per seat per month?
    We don't charge per seat. An active subscription of any plan includes 25 team members. 
  • Is Blackbell available on mobile apps?
Integrated app suite designed for passionate services providers
Focus on doing things you love, things you are passionate about and things that will delight your customers.  
Users using our platform and services
Customer satisfaction across our products
Our cost-effective and robust monthly plan
All in one integrated suite

Seamless Business Hub 

Blackbell is the simple & friendly solution for any Small Business to evolve from a static website to using a customized website/application with a smart online booking system for scheduling, payments, customer outreach management, and more.

  • Bookings management
  • Payments
  • CRM
  • Mobile App
  • Marketing Campaign
"Blackbell is more complete, easier to use, and more affordable than competing products I used before"
‚ÄĒ Anastasia Dan - Fitness Trainer
Blackbell Mobile Apps. For SMB teams. For SMB customers.
. For SMB team
Handle orders and customers  Blackbell app for iOS  Blackbell app for Android
. For SMB customers
Customer bookings and notifications Blackbell app for iOS  Blackbell app for Android
. For Branded SMB
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Focus on What Won't Change
"A lot of companies focus on chasing hot trends or new technology. That’s all fine and good, but the core of your business should be built around the things that people will always want" -
Streamline Operations
Simplify your service-selling process with Blackbell's intuitive platform that handles orders, scheduling, payments, and more, all in one place.
Boost Efficiency
Maximize your productivity and efficiency with Blackbell's scheduling and automation features, enabling you to focus on what you do best - delivering top-notch services to your clients
Expand Reach
Broaden your customer base and expand your business with Blackbell's marketing and communication tools, including broadcast messaging and marketplace integration.
Retain Loyalty
Deliver exceptional customer service with Blackbell's user-friendly Pages and Forms, enabling customers to easily book, purchase, and review your services.
Increase Revenue
Grow your business and increase your revenue with Blackbell's subscription and coupon features, as well as bank transfer and payment processing capabilities.
Gain Insights
Make data-driven decisions and optimize your business with Blackbell's comprehensive reports and analytics, giving you a 360-degree view of your service-selling performance.
Small businesses & Agencies
Blackbell is a platform suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, web and marketing agency partners.
Blackbell's platform provides a suite of tools designed specifically to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their operations and grow their customer base.
Blackbell is an excellent platform for marketing agencies seeking to help their clients expand. It streamlines the process of creating and managing client growth.
Blackbell's comprehensive platform can greatly benefit web agencies working with SMBs by providing efficient tools for creating and managing campaigns, simplifying the task of nurturing client growth.
Ready to grow your business?
Blackbell is the perfect platform to help you streamline your business operations and reach new heights of success.
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