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The Guest Experience

Empowered by the Blackbell technology, the iPhones are all loaded with the Villa La Coste app so as to enable guests to: 

✓ Get informed about all that Château La Coste has to offer, interact directly with the staff team using the Hotelcloud chat function, or order services through the e-concierge section.
✓ Control the television, select channels, increase / decrease the volume with an integrated TV remote powered by Direct Stream.

Guests can also place internal and external phone calls trough the Alcatel-Lucent VOIP application . This is a powerful feature as one could imagine guests strolling around the domain, with their Villa La Coste iPhones in had so as to be easily reached by the staff members should they need to.

The entire project was a challenge of its own heavy wireless installations had to be done,  as well as finding the perfect devices that would meet the aesthetics of the Château. 

Today,  modern and connected is how one can describe this infamous Château, for it has succeeded despite its secluded location, to create a luxurious relaxing home.

The technology behind

The technical aspects of the Villa La Coste Project include: 

✓ A 2-way OXI interface with Opera PMS has been installed : guest accounts are created and charges automatically posted to bill
✓ iPhones are preloaded with an enterprise IPA and controlled via a Mobile Device Management (MDM) to guarantee silent updates
✓ Direct Streams TV remote has been integrated to the app : from the remote, guests access the full channel directory, and VOD… 
✓ At guest check-out, the iPhone instantly logs out and is reset for future use

The technology in action

Services - VOIP - IPTV