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The problem we're solving

There is no product that integrates all processes to sell services.

While some global platforms to book services have been emerging, most organizations lack a complete and intuitive tool to sell, organize, deliver and market their services.

The need to offer services is especially true for property managers of all kinds (hotels, residential, student accommodation, workspaces) and local communities eager to provide additional services to residents, build a thriving community, enhance engagement & retention, drive efficiencies and generate additional ancillary revenue.

We created blackbell as an alternative for service providers of all kinds, who are looking for an all-in-one integrated tool to run a service business.

Blackbell & Hospitality

Blackbell started in hospitality, in 2011, to help hoteliers upsell their customers as well as improve operations and communication during, before and after their stays. 

Hotels have increasingly become a hub of services (F&B, wellness, housekeeping, leisure…) and are closely connected to their local area. They all need a platform to smartly gather and promote their entire service offering, both internal and external. 
Hotels also have strong operational specificities (multiple departments) and the question of guest loyalty is key.


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