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Blackbell is the greatest way to create an interactive website

About us

Are you an Airbnb host looking for a simple way to communicate to your customers how your house or apartment functions, what to look out for and where everything is? Would you like to provide services to your guests that cannot be offered on the Airbnb platform?

Simply create a website with Blackbell, and let your customers access information about your home and book your services on any device.

Manage your Airbnb business from your Blackbell platform, wherever you are, and increase your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Build your own Airbnb host website - even if you're a tech newbie

Our content management system has been carefully created so that it is easy to use for just about anyone, and we’re sure that includes you. 

Blackbell is the easiest way to create a customer guide to your airbnb home.

  • Get your own website with a branded URL and custom domain.
  • Create your pages or use our templates for guidance
  • Add textimagesvideoscalendars and pdfs with details about your home.
  • Add and customize any services such as food shopping, airport transfer or any added products.
  • Enable a multilingual website and translate your content into any language you like manually or by using our integrated service.
  • Enable Live Chat so that you can answer instantly any queries from your customers.

You could own a simple one-page website with two bookable services for as little as $4 a month.

There are so many things you could do with Blackbell

Here are a few examples of how an interactive website could benefit your Airbnb business

  • Create a simple web page to provide more information to your guests
  • Provide early check-in to your customers
  • Improve guests' stays with unrivalled customer support and chat
  • Create a guide of your area with maps
  • Use it as a concierge app, with instant chat, so you can always be on top of your customer's needs.
  • Provide services such as dry cleaning, laundry, shopping for a full fridge upon arrival, cooking, babysitting, guided tours of your area, etc. Get paid online for them instantly.

We've made service booking completely seamless

Blackbell gives your service building a unique level of sophistication and efficiency - There’s no one like us.
We have plenty of intuitive tools for you to create the perfect booking flow for your Airbnb services

Add booking steps when creating a service:
  • Demand information from your clients with checkboxes, quantity pickers and text boxes, make these fields mandatory or not. 
  • You can even add a location module where the customer can enter an address and a schedule module where the customer can pick amongst pre-defined availabilities. 
  • If you need your client to communicate pictures with you, they can also upload images as part of the booking flow. 
  • And once the booking is done, you can capture your client’s signature.
Edit your requirements in a couple of clicks from any device at any time - no need to be a coding genius.

And so much more...

There's so much a Blackbell platform can do for an Airbnb host

  • Business Software - Blackbell allows you to manage services, orders, bookings, availabilities, your business team, departments and alerts, all in one place.
  • Mobile accessibility - run your business from your smartphone, wherever you are.
  • Instant communication - chat directly with your customers answering any queries.
  • Customer profiles - access compiled profiles about your customers with previous bookings and information.
  • Online payment - get paid instantly, generate payment links and quotes to your customers.
  • Promote your services with email campaigns, discount coupons, influencer campaigns and Blackbell marketplaces.
  • Get real-time feedback about how you are performing. Analyse your data and optimise your business accordingly.