Local marketplace builder

Create, manage, grow a local marketplace

🎓  Local marketplace builder

With Blackbell, you can create a marketplace with multiple vendors to let customers order services and products from approved suppliers

You will earn commissions on each order’s payment, automatically

Each supplier will be using their own Blackbell account to customize their pages, services, to manage orders, payments and withdraw money

🎓  Marketplace

  • Create a multi vendor marketplace
  • Set your minimum commissions requirements
  • Invite suppliers by email or let them apply directly on your website
  • Review suppliers ready to go live and approve them

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🎓  Supplier Application

  • Once the suppliers has been invited, they will set up their Blackbell account (notifications, team, etc )
  • The suppliers will then create their own page and services
  • After which the supplier business will fill in the marketplace application form (approve commission, terms, etc.)
  • Once everything is set up, they will apply to go live, of which you will be notified

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🎓  Marketplace Navigation

  • Add a supplier’s pages to your website using a content block
  • Organize your content by categories
  • Supplier pages and services are automatically updated in real-time when a supplier edits something on their account
  • Customers will not need to leave your website to order from a supplier

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🎓  Marketplace Orders

  • View all the orders ever placed to suppliers in your marketplace
  • View their details, chat, associated ratings and payments
  • Get notified of your suppliers’ schedules over email daily
  • Keep an eye on recent marketplace orders from your dashboard

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🎓  Marketplace Payments

  • Your commissions are added to your Blackbell balance automatically
  • Your balance can then be withdrawn into your bank account
  • All fees associated with transactions are deducted before being added to your balance
  • Read more about payments in this documentation

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