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Blackbell challenges the status quo of ‘software as silos’. Instead of using individual and disparate systems, Blackbell offers an all-in-one suite of tools eliminating the need to switch between multiple apps throughout the day. 

Simplifying life so that business owners can focus on what they do best, Blackbell allows for an increase in productivity while reducing administrative management. 

Small business e-commerce software

With Blackbell, you can create an online platform with a personified domain name on which your customers are able to swiftly order your services or products.

Allow them to subscribe to plans, to choose slots from your real-time schedule as well as chat easily with you and your team. You can send them quotes, payment links and broadcast messages in a few quick clicks from any device.

Safely sell services and products via Blackbell, see your balance increase, and schedule payouts to your bank.
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Local marketplace builder

With Blackbell, you can create a marketplace with multiple vendors to let customers order services and products from approved suppliers

You will earn commissions on each order’s payment, automatically

Each supplier will be using their own Blackbell account to customize their pages, services, to manage orders, payments and withdraw money
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Real Estate software platform

Blackbell is the first international property software platform allowing residential and commercial property developers, owners and managers to provide additional amenities to tenants. 

The Blackbell Enterprise platform allows the building a thriving community, enhancing engagement & retention, driving efficiency and generating additional ancillary revenue.
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