Create a Multilingual Help Center

Blackbell is the greatest way to create and translate your support center

About us

Blackbell is the greatest way to create your multilingual help center Tired of having to manually translate your documentation’s content into different languages? We’re here to help. With Blackbell, you can easily create your help center page and have it automatically translated into as many as 35 languages with our integrated artificial intelligence translator. 

Get your documentation translated in 35 languages - in seconds

How to build your own help center page online

Our content management system has been carefully created so that it is easy to use for just about anyone, and we’re sure that includes you. Use this platform to create your multi-language Help Center and dazzle your customers with a slick presentation, courtesy of Blackbell.
  • Get a help center page with a branded URL.   
  • Create your pages or use our templates for guidance.  
  • Create as many pages as you like - the sky is the limit here at Blackbell. 
  • Add text, images, pdfs and videos to provide an optimal space for your customers to learn and understand your services. 
  • Organize your pages, with the possibility of adding a home page with a menu, lists, targeted dropdown menus, a search bar, links and so much more.
  • Easily duplicate your pagesmove or duplicate blocks of content onto other pages. 
 With Blackbell, create the most effective Help Centre for your business, and translate it instantly in 35 languages.

Translate your documentation in just a few clicks - Create a multilingual Help Center

Getting your documentation translated has never been so easy, and so cheap.

  •  Once you have created a page in your native language, use our integrated artificial intelligence translator to translate your content into as many languages as you like.
  • After having chosen what page you would like to translate and the required languages, simply pay a small fee and see your page instantly and flawlessly translated. 
  • From the webpage of your help center, your customers can now choose which language they would like to read in from a dropdown menu.
  • Pages in different languages will be based on local code in the page URL for example an English page will have /en/ in the URL while a French page will have /fr/.
  • Your multilingual help center will be discoverable in google search in all of these languages.
 No matter where your customers are in the world, they will be able to find your help center and read through a quality translation of your support in their own language.

Make it your own

Register your own domain name - Registering your own domain with Blackbell is quick and easy. Give your help center a professional and slick look. By buying your domain name with Blackbell, skip the technical configurations and get your own .com website in just a few clicks, we do the work for you. Or connect an existing one - If you already own a domain but want to use Blackbell, you can easily connect your Blackbell platform to your existing domain. Master your branding and make your website feel like you - upload your logo and customize your look and feel with a palette of colors and the possibility to change theme and size of content.
Blackbell allows you to create your very own IOS or Android app - Your help center will merge into an app that your customers can find on the Apple App Store or on Google Play. This way, your customers can have access to your helpful tips anywhere, anytime. 
You can also skip the complications and use our native app. Your customers can download the Blackbell app and find your help center on it.

Customer support like you’ve never seen before

Not only can you provide clear and effective support and tutorials from your multi-language Blackbell help center, you can also chat with you customers instantly. 
  • Integrated chat – a chat option can be added to your multilingual help center website or app so that customers with specific issues or inquiries can talk with one of your team members in real-time.
  • Read receipt – see when your messages have been read by your customer.
  • Saved responses – quickly source from your recorded responses to reply to frequently asked questions in a few clicks.
  • Set the priority of messages - See all your messages in your mailbox and set the priority of the messages to be handled.
  • Assigned chats – invite your team members to respond to particular chats and queries.

Manage your multilingual help center from your mobile

With your Blackbell app, easily access the back-end of your help center page, wherever you are. 
  • Add and edit your content.
  • Chat with your customers – the chat feature is also available from your Blackbell app. 
 Never miss an opportunity to provide instant and transparent support. Available on IOS and Android

Get feedback on how you’re doing

We measure how well you’re using Blackbell and tell you how you can improve. 

A higher score means more sales and happier customers, trust us, we’ve got the data. 
Improve your score to improve your business. It's that simple.
 You can also access the most accurate information about traffic and usage directly from your back-office interface. 
 ✓ Number of visitors
 ✓ Number of returning visitors
 ✓ Country of origin of visitor
 ✓ Average time spent on platform

Easily analyse your data and optimise your content accordingly, offer the most relevant user experience possible.

You can also track your revenue
 ✓ Total revenue 
 ✓ % of those who ordered
 ✓ # of those who ordered
 ✓ Average order amount
 ✓ View by period: by day, week, month, custom period
 ✓ Most ordered services
 ✓ Biggest revenue generators
 ✓ Biggest spenders 

Involve your team in your support center

You can add as many team members as you like to your platform - allow them to edit content, add pages and answer chats 
  • Grant them access to the entire back-end or allow them to access content editing or chat support only.
  • Get your team members to receive notifications about particular actions – they will get alerts through email or push notification.
  • Chat easily with team members – we’ve created an interface for your team to share thoughts and notes and we’ve called it private team notes. There, you can chat about an existing order and bring together a plan of action.
The back office is available in multiple languages, should your team come from all over the world

Get a little something back when you tell your friends about us

For every new paying customer that you refer, you will earn 20% of their Blackbell subscription and the business using your coupon code will get 25% off their monthly subscription for 4 months.You’ll get paid instantly via your Blackbell app every time a business you referred is charged for their monthly or yearly subscription. Spread the love ❤

We’ll be here to help, every step of the way

The Blackbell team is here for you. 

We have a live chat support integrated to our website, should you have any questions before subscribing. And a chat support integrated to your Blackbell back office, where we will answer any issues instantly.  

For you to learn how to create your Blackbell platform, we have also carefully created a help section on our website with targeted articles and a search bar for you to find whatever you might need. Tutorial videos are also available. 

Should you need more help with all the technical jargon, or should you not have time to build your own platform, we will happily link you with one of our Blackbell Experts who will do the work for you.

For your safety and security

Blackbell helps you to stay on top of your cyber legality and security. GDPR & Privacy
  • Custom your privacy terms - Upload your own terms of service. Add them to log-in forms and enable click-to-accept.
  • Cookie Consent box - Add a cookie consent box to your website.
  • Customers’ rights - Blackbell compiles with GDPR. Contact us for more info.
  Data Export 
  • Export your content – Restore your website in seconds by importing a backup file.
  • Export your customers – Never loose your customer profiles.
  • Export your orders – Keep a history of all orders safe.
 Cloud & Security
  • Hosting – Your Blackbell plan includes hosting so you don’t have to worry about it. Your content will load quickly from anywhere in the world.
  • Cloud Storage – We allows you an unlimited fair usage of storage in our optimized content cloud. Talk to us if you need more than 4GB.
  • HTTPS Everywhere – We protect the safety and security of your business and customers by maintaining an SLL certificate.